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Creating Lifelong Followers Of Jesus

Current Teaching Series

In our current teaching series we are working through Paul's first letter to the Corinthians. You will get the most our of the series by reading the set passage in advance and asking our standard 6 Discovery Bible Study Questions.

  1. What does this passage teach us about GOD?
  2. What does this passage teach us about PEOPLE?
  3. Is there a SIN to avoid?
  4. Is there a PROMISE to claim?
  5. Is there an EXAMPLE to follow?
  6. Is there a COMMAND t obey?

Below you will find the series outline.

"Living For Jesus In A Hostile World - Studies in 1 Peter"


 I Peter 1:1-2

Introduction to 1 Peter


A royal Priesthood
1 Peter 1:3-12
A Living Hope
1 Peter 1:13-2:3
Be  Holy
1 Peter 2:4-10
A Living Temple
1 Peter 2:11-25
Living as Exiles


 Acts 2:42

 The Importance of Fellowship


 1 Peter 3:1-22

 Suffering for Doing Good


 1 Peter 4:1-22

 Living in the Light of His Return


 1 Petter 4:12-19

 Suffering for Being a Christian

1 Peter 5:1-14
Summing It All Up