Journey Church Harrow

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  1. How much do you charge?

Charges per hour (or part thereof) for use of the Premises are as follows:

Main Hall - £40

Side Hall - £40

Lounge - £15

Kitchen - £10


These rates apply to one-off events. Rates for repeat or long-term hire of the facilities will be subject to negotiation and mutual agreement


  1. To whom should payments be made?

All cheques should be made payable to Journey Church Harrow.

Bank details supplied upon request for electronic transfer.


  1. What times should be booked?

When booking for an event the times booked must include setting up and clearing away time. It takes between 30 -45 minutes to clear the main hall, depending on how many people are helping. Similarly it takes about 45 minutes to clear and clean the kitchen after use.


  1. Why cannot the booking be confirmed more than 3 months in advance?

Journey Church Harrow reserves the right to use its own Premises for its own activities as a priority and these events are sometimes not arranged more than 3 months in advance.


  1. What is the latest time we can use the Premises?

Private Social Functions must finish by 10.00 pm. Not only is this considerate for the neighbours, but it also enables the Key holder to prepare for the next day's activity.


  1. Why do we have to take our rubbish away after our activity?

At present the Church does not have a bin collection facility and all rubbish has therefore to be removed from the premises.


  1. Why are religious activities restricted to those of the Christian faith?

Whilst we respect the right of everyone to their own religious belief, Good News Church is dedicated solely for Christian worship. Religious practices which do not accept Jesus Christ as the Son of God and, as Saviour of mankind, are therefore, inappropriate on the Premises.


  1. How many chairs and tables are available?

We have 180 chairs in total that are split between the main and side hall. We have 9 6'(183 cm) x 2' 3" (69cm) tables which accommodate 8 people comfortably and 11 smaller round table around which 4 to 6 people can be seated. You may need to use some of the tables for serving food.

  1. Is the kitchen available?

Yes, the kitchen can be used for preparation and serving of food and drinks. If you are preparing and cooking food on the Premises one of your workers needs to have a Basic Food Handling Certificate. If you are only providing ready prepared food, there is no requirement for a certificate. The freezer is reserved for use by Journey Church Harrow members only. The refrigerator may be stocked with Journey Church Harrow items and not have room for anything else. If you wish to bring frozen or chilled items for your use, you are advised to provide your own containers for keeping them cold.

  1. Who is the Key holder?

The Key Holder is the representative of Journey Church Harrow who is responsible for opening the Premises and closing at the end of your function. That person will normally be present throughout your activity to provide any assistance needed. All Keyholders are volunteers and give freely of their time to support your event.


  1. Why do we need Public Liability Insurance?

Accidents can happen at any time however well regulated an activity is. It is a requirement of our Insurers that any activity not being run by the church has its own public liability insurance. This can often be arranged through your own household insurance.


  1. Why might we need a licence or Temporary Event Notice (TEN)?

Licenses are needed for certain events and types of entertainment. These include `the provision of regulated entertainment' such as:

A performance of a play, An exhibition of a film, A performance of live music, Any playing of recorded music, A performance of a dance.

For further information contact:

Licensing Support Officer, Community Safety, Urban Living, Harrow Council, Civic Centre PO Box 18, Station Road, Harrow. HA1 2UT. 020 8736 6261


It is the responsibility of the event organizer, not the Premises owner, to arrange any necessary licenses.