Journey Church Harrow

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    1. In this document the word 'User' refers to the person responsible for making the agreement with Journey Church Harrow and to any one else (the Authorised Person) given authority and responsibility by that person for the running of the activity and to anyone attending the activity. The User will provide the name address and telephone number of any such Authorised Person to Journey Church Harrow.
    2. `Journey Church Harrow' refers to the person or persons who make this agreement with the user and to anyone else given authority and responsibility by that person or those persons to act for and on their behalf.
    3. The 'Key Holder' is a person (normally a church member) appointed by Journey Church Harrow to oversee the use of the building during the event. Access to the building is only possible through a Keyholder.
    4. The range of rooms available for use along with the provision of major items of equipment (as listed on the Application Form) will be agreed in writing with the Users. The key holder has discretion to allow the use of minor items of equipment i.e. cups, plates, cutlery etc.
    5. Journey Church Harrow will endeavour to make the Premises available as requested. Journey Church Harrow, however, reserves the right to have priority use of the Premises for its own activities and, in emergency (e.g. a funeral or because for some reason it would be unsafe to use the Premises), prevent its use. In the event of such cancellation, Journey Church Harrow will not be liable for any expenses incurred by the User as a result of the Premises being unavailable to the User. Bookings cannot be confirmed more than 3 months in advance.
    6. The Premises are a place of Christian worship. Religious practices which do not accept Jesus Christ as the Son of God and, as Saviour of mankind,  are therefore, inappropriate on the Premises.
    7. As far as is possible Journey Church Harrow will ensure the Premises are clean and in good order for the User's intended purposes upon arrival.
    8. The User and Keyholder have joint responsibility to maintain security and safety. No unauthorised person should be allowed on the Premises.
    9. It is illegal to smoke in any building on the Premises.
    10. NO ALCOHOLIC DRINK is to be brought onto or consumed anywhere in or on the Premises.
    11. NO ILLEGAL or DANGEROUS SUBSTANCES are to be brought onto the Premises.
    12. It is up to the User to ensure the Premises are left clean and in good order at the end of the activity, including returning furniture etc to its appropriate area.
    13. The User will clear from areas used, both inside and outside, all rubbish and discarded materials (including food residue, food wrappings and food and drink containers) and remove them completely from the Building and deposit the same in the rubbish bin provided in the Church car park.  Should the rubbish bin be full all excess waste should be taken with you when you leave the Premises.
    14. As necessary, the User will have access to vacuum cleaner, dust pan, brush and broom, mop and bucket to assist in clearing up.
    15. Journey Church Harrow insurance policy does not extend to providing Public and Product Liability cover to non-church activities. YOU ARE ADVISED THAT YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR OBTAINING ADEQUATE INSURANCE COVER FOR THE EVENT YOU ARE HOLDING.  Drivers of vehicles using the car park do so at their own risk and are reminded that they also must have their own insurance.
    16. Journey Church Harrow Copyright Licences do not extend to the projection or performance of Copyrighted material at non-church activities. YOU ARE ADVISED THAT YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ENSURING YOU HAVE THE APPROPRIATE LICENCES TO COVER YOUR EVENT.
    17. It is the responsibility of the User to ensure that adequate First Aid cover is available, suited to the type of activity undertaken and that Health and Safety precautions appropriate to the activity are adopted to protect people (especially children and vulnerable adults) and property.
    18. It is the responsibility of the User to ensure that a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) and all necessary licences are obtained for the event being arranged. (See frequently Asked Questions for information about a TEN.)
    19. Any accidents or incidents must be recorded, with details as indicated, in the Accident Book, available from the Church Kitchen. Verbal notification of such incidents must be given to the Key Holder at the time of the incident or within 48 hours of its occurrence.
    20. The Kitchen is available for use as required but any food preparation which involves cooking (as opposed to re-heating), other than serving of drinks, must be done under the supervision of an appropriately qualified person holding e.g. a Basic Food Handling Certificate. 
    21. All foodstuffs (including tea, coffee, milk and sugar) that are to be consumed on the Premises must be provided by the User and removed from the Premises after use.
    22. Any damage should be reported to the Keyholder at once. Should any facilities, authorised or unauthorised, be interfered with, damaged or stolen, it is the responsibility of the User to ensure full restitution without cost to Journey Church Harrow.
    23. If, as a result of misuse, the intruder  alarm system is activated, the User will be responsible for reimbursing Journey Church Harrow for  charges by the police,the monitoring company and the maintenance company for resetting the system.
    24. A non-refundable Booking Fee of £10 is required when the booking is made. This will be set off against the hire charge, the balance of which will fall due before the start of the event. In the case of a cancellation by the hirer in advance of the event date, this Booking Fee will be retained.  If however, the booking is cancelled by Journey Church Harrow due to unforeseen circumstances this Booking Fee will be refunded.  Cheques should be made payable to Journey Church Harrow.
    25.  A refundable security deposit of £100, in the form of a cheque, is also required with each booking.  This will be returned after the event, subject to there being no reimbursements due for damage or loss.  This cheque will be returned in the case of a cancellation of the booking prior to the event
    26. All Private Social Functions must finish and Users of the Premises, by 10.00 pm.
    27. Any changes to the agreed use of the Premises must be notified to the Journey Church Harrow prior to the event.